Amazing Hotel in Dubai | 7 stars Burj Al Arab

Amazing Hotel in Dubai | 7 stars Burj Al Arab
Welcome to our channel “Welcome to Dubai” we have many interesting videos for you, about modern life in Dubai. Today Dubai is one of the amazing places in the world. Everybody want to knows about this city more information. In our channel, you can find more and more interesting information about Amazing DUBAI City and Amazing Hotel in Dubai | 7 stars Burj Al Arab
Can I travel to dubai – it is a most popular question today. Everybody want to travel to dubai, beacause Dubai grow or cause to grow and very beautiful.
Amazing Hotel in Dubai | 7 stars Burj Al Arab

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United Arab Emirates, and welcome to Dubai Burj Al Arab 7 stars Amazing Hotel in Dubai. Burj al arab – the world most luxurious hotel, in this video we will Show you all about luxury hotel Dubai Burj Al Arab oficcial video.
Gold plated iPads in every room, a revolving bed in the Royal Suite and 17 types of pillow that can be selected from a menu – there is nothing modest about the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai inside. Hotel in Dubai 7 stars Burj Al Arab oficcial video.
Shaped like a sail to represent Dubai’s nautical heritage, the hotel’s distinctive silhouette has become a symbol for the nation and an Instagram favourite for the tens of thousands of Britons who flock there.
MailOnline Travel was invited inside the luxurious hotel to see whether the hotel was blissfully refined or ridiculously brash.

Driven from the airport in my own white Rolls Royce, I stepped into the Burj’s spectacular lobby. It’s bedecked with fountains that shoot high into the air and draw the eye upward through the hotel’s core to the top.
This is, I am told, where the hotel’s helipad is located, with some guests opting to shun the Royce’s in favour of arriving by air. Noted for next time.
I was led past rows upon rows of lavish expensive designer shops, some selling the ostentatious gold-plated iPads, others jewel-encrusted… well – everything.
I promptly abandoned all plans to bring back holiday souvenirs for friends at home.
The hotel manager introduced me to my room, which is definitely the wrong word to describe it.
All the accommodation in the hotel comprises duplex two-floor suites – 202 in total – that start at £900 per night.
Each suite housed everything one could ever need… for the rest of one’s life.
Amazing Hotel in Dubai | 7 stars Burj Al Arab

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