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Four Seasons Resort Hualalai has partnered with Wild Wellness Travel and Retreats Unlimited to bring together America’s top fitness and wellness instructors at Hualalai for a series of five-day retreats designed to get the body and mind into optimal condition through a wide variety of practices, training methods and healing arts. The six retreats, held between July 10 and August 25, 2016 include Zack Schares’ Hawaii Island Boot Camp, July 10 to 14; Intensive Yoga Immersion by Sean Phelps, July 24 to 28; Alyson Charles’ Mind & Body Power Healing with Rockstar Shaman, July 28 to August 1; One Love Retreat by Dr. Nikki Starr, August 7 to 11; Millana Snow’s Journey Within Retreat, August 14 to 18; and Total Wellness Made Sexy by Nikki Sharp and Fern Langham, August 21 to 25.

The retreats will strengthen your body and mind by focusing on conditioning and training practices that will help to integrate the two in unity. Awareness of the body and mind will take hold as the sensation of balance and serenity are achieved through various methods of yoga, meditation and self-actualization.

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